SMS notifications

SMS notifications

By default you get leads (requests with contact details) to your personal account, whereof you get the automatic message to your e-mail. Further you have a look at it, prepare the answers and the necessary information and then call the client or answer by mail.

The problem is that, because of reasons, there are few, who do it immediately. And the lead, statistically, remains hot only for 15 minutes. The later you process and react to the lead, the harder is to close it.

The solution is simple - get additional sms notifications. And then, wherever you are, besides standard notifications about the request to your personal account or mail, you will get also instant notifications to your mobile.

In such a way, you will react quickly to the received leads; process them faster and close more clients.

If you want to use this service you just have to buy the amount of SMS that you need. One SMS-message will cost you 3 RUB. When the sms will expend themselves, you can always buy some more.

In order to buy sms-notifications go to “Balance” page and push the button “Buy SMS”.

SMS-notifications statistics

Thanks to our statistics you can always be updated regarding the dynamics of using the SMS-notifications and how many SMS do you have on your balance.