Venew Service
Venew - a service that allows you to collect questions and contact details of visitors, as well as other information. It allows you to increase the conversion, generate leads and get new customers.
Venew comes into contact by itself with the site visitors, receives from them requests for products, services, consultancy, without any real operator, and offers to choose the most convenient way to get the answer: phone, e-mail, skype, viber and others.
Venew requires no operator online because communicate automatically on the given algorithm with the visitor. Received leads can be obtained via SMS or mail in real time and could be processed, while away from the computer and workplace, even without going to the users personal account.
No. But you can move the communication with the user on Skype, Viber, social networks, with the help of Venew information collected in the user text window of the lead. So you can always be in touch with the user and to use his contact for marketing purposes.
No. Such a possibility does not exist yet.
No. Such a possibility does not exist yet.
Yes. The widget supports data transfer over https.
Depending on the tasks in front of you, the widget can be customized accordingly. You can collect pre-orders, requests for catalogs, application for registration, newsletter, questions about cost, delivery and availability of goods and more. You can also collect a variety of contact details and other information: phone, Skype, Viber, e-mail, address, city, name, sex, age, clothing size, description, and so on.
At the moment the widget algorithm is as follows: A visitor comes to your site. After a specified time, the widget attracts the visitors attention using animation techniques. Widget welcomes visitors and offers them assistance (you build yourself the text message). The visitor enters in a special field the question, or any other information that it needs. Widget offers the visitor to choose the way of feedback. Depending on the selected method of communication, widget offers to enter contact details. The visitor enters their contact data in an application form, and comes to you in the mail, sms, and personal cabinet. System thanks visitor with an additional text. The widget is turned off, and after a while a message appears that motivates referring to it again.
Yes, the system has the ability to download leads texts in the format csv / xls.
No, it cannot be done. If you have a serious need in this, please contact us and well help you.
The widget Venew has a mobile version, which successfully works on all mobile devices and does not require additional code installation.
Yes, Venew widget supports all languages. You can change all text elements of the widget, adapting it to the language you want.
Where to start working with Venew
Immediately after registration you will be prompted to add its first project.


The project name must match the address of the site. At any time you can add more projects. Go to the projects in the upper left corner of the pop-up menu and click on the `Add Project`.

You can add unlimited amount of projects
Yes. The system has a function of showing how the widget will work on your website. You can view a demonstration of the widget on this page.
Yes. At any time you can delete the project from the system. To delete a project, go to the project settings, at the bottom of the page, click `Remove` link.

Yes. At any time you can change the project name in the system. To change the name of the project, go to the project settings, and in the `Project Name` replace it.

Widget code can be found on the project settings in the bottom of the page.
After registration and adding the project you will be automatically generated a code for your site, which you can install. Code for installation can be found at the bottom of the page of the project settings. Copy the code below and place it on the site before the closing.
The system provides a lot of ready-made widgets, optimized for different marketing objectives. Install one of the offered default options, or set the widget on your own. Customizing algorithms of the widget you can on the page `Settings widget.` For detailed instructions on how to install and configure the widget the most effective way you can read here.
To view photos of your option in the widget you must go to `Widget Settings`, click on `Add photos` and download the desired photos. Photo size must not exceed 2 MB.

We do not welcome unilateral changes to the widget code. If you experience such a need, please contact your account manager and agree on changes. For all the changes that you made in the widget without our knowledge, you are responsible personally.
Installation of widget Venew is absolutely safe. This is confirmed by its operation at tens of thousands of sites.
We strive to make the widget work correctly on all site builder platforms. Currently, the widget does not conflict with the most famous site builders, engines, plug-ins. If you find a problem of incorrect functioning of our widget, let us know to eliminate it.
Yes, to adjust the delay of occurrence of the widget, go to `Settings widget` and enter the desired value. Delayed appearance possible in the range from 1 to 60 seconds.
Yes, such a possibility exists, but we do not recommend installing more than one widget on the page, because it spoils the appearance of the site, overloading it with redundant information to understand, repels visitors, which significantly reduces the conversion.
You can adjust the algorithm of the widget within the existing functional (due to the settings of all the text elements and input fields). If you need to make other changes, please let us know and we will try to help you with this.
Leads Processing
Lead processing requires a careful approach. It’s recommended to process the incoming leads as soon as possible. Carefully read the text of the lead and prepare a detailed response to it. Our recommendations on the leads processing you can read in the article `How to process leads right?`
You can display the leads within the system in your personal account, and also customize receiving the leads texts in the mail and by SMS. To specify the mailboxes, and phone numbers you can on the page `Project Settings`.
You can see the incoming leads in private office, where they are stored permanently, and in the e-mail box or in the history of SMS mobile phone, which had been set up.
There are three types of alerts for incoming leads: via SMS, e-mail box, and within your personal account.
If you are faced with the problem of delay or lack of notification of this incoming leads, please contact your account manager. We recommend checking the spam folder and waiting - there may be delays of email services and SMS operators.
SMS Notification is available in every country of the world
At the moment we are working on API. When the API will be developed, we will inform you about this.
Для получения дополнительных параметров (utm-метки и параметр GoogleID) в CRM-систему Битрикс24, вам необходимо зайти в свой аккаунт Битрикс24, перейти к вкладке «Приложения», выбрать раздел «Вебхуки» и добавить «Входящий вебхук»:


Название и описание произвольные. Затем в предложенном списке поставьте галочку только напротив «CRM (crm)» и нажмите «Сохранить» внизу страницы:


Скопируйте код для авторизации вебхука:


Скопированный код вставьте в поле «Вебхук» в настройках интеграции Битрикс24 в личном кабинете Venyoo и сохраните изменения.

Войдите в ваш личный кабинет amoCRM. Перейдите в раздел «Настройки» > «Интеграции» и нажмите на «Создать интеграцию».


После этого откроется окно подключения, где необходимо указать:

  • Ссылка для перенаправления. Ссылка доступна в личном кабинете Venyoo в разделе Интеграции > amoCRM.
  • Предоставить доступ. Выберите все галочки - Доступ к данным аккаунта и Центр нотификаций.
  • Название интеграции. Название, которое будет отображаться в списке подключенных интеграций. Рекомендуем указать название Venyoo, но можно указать любое.
  • Описание. Можно указать любое.


Введите все данные и нажмите «Сохранить». Затем в появившемся окне созданной интеграции перейдите в раздел «Ключи и доступы».


Скопируйте Секретный ключ и ID интеграции и вставьте их в одноименные поля в раздел настройки интеграции Venyoo > amoCRM и сохраните изменения.


В появившемся окне нажмите «Установить интеграцию». После этого откроется новая страница с подключением к системе amoCRM. Во всплывающем окне нужно авторизоваться в вашем аккаунте amoCRM, выбрать аккаунт, для которого вы хотите открыть доступ и нажать «Разрешить».


Все, интеграция подключена и можно вернуться к работе в Venyoo. Теперь при формировании заявки в виджете Venyoo вы будете получать данные о клиенте напрямую в вашу CRM. После подключения интеграция появится в списке активных в разделе «Установленные интеграции», где можно при необходимости менять её настройки.

Шаг 1. Подписка на нашего бота в Telegram.

Вам необходимо быть подписчиком нашего бота @VenyooLeadsBot в Telegram. Для этого откройте Telegram и в поиске введите @VenyooLeadsBot или пройдите по ссылке VenyooBot . Затем начните с ним работу нажав на кнопку "Запустить".


Шаг 2. Подключение бота к вашему аккаунту в Venyoo.

В личном кабинете Venyoo выберите проект в левом верхнем углу, затем перейдите в раздел Интеграции и найдите интеграцию с Telegram. В строку «Имя пользователя» введите имя пользователя вашего аккаунта Telegram и нажмите «Сохранить».


Incoming leads from your site are stored indefinitely.
The system provides the ability to assign a status to the leads for their more convenient handling, as well as monitor the performance of managers. There are the following statuses: Unqualified
Could not be contacted
Help question
Arrange a meeting
Is not interested in the service
You can always browse the page `Statistics` for information about the leads.
Visit the edit page tab of the meter. Go to the target tab. Click on the `Add a target.` Enter the name of the target. Choose tab `JavaScript event.` Enter the ID of the target that we have provided to you. Click on the `Add a target.`

Click on the `Administrator` of your site. Go to the section `Target`. Add a goal by clicking on the `+ Target`. Enter the name of the destination. Select the type of target, `Event` and click continue. Enter in the category `Venew`. Type in the action identifier of the target that we have provided to you. Click on the `Save` button.

Site statistics are available on the page `Statistics`. Statistics System will allow you to track the following indicators for the reporting period:
Views: Displays the number of views of the widget.
Applications: displays the number of applications came.
Conversion: Shows the percentage ratio of the number of times the widget appearances to the amount of applications.
Prices and payments
Currently a free period of using the service operates. When a service goes into a paid mode, there will be a free limit. On the transition to a paid mode, we will inform you further. Now you can activate premium SMS notifications for incoming leads. The price of one SMS 3 rubles.
To refill the account in the system, go to the payment page, clicking on `balance` in the top right corner. Enter the desired amount and go to the payment service `Robokassa`. Follow the instructions depending on the chosen method of payment.
The price of one SMS Alert 3 rubles.
Currently it operates a free period of using the service. When a service goes into a paid mode there will be a free limit.
Yes, we can pay you back directly to your balance. Contact your account manager.
We have a two-tier referral system. For each balance deposit of the user referred by you, you will get 30% of the amount of refill. For each deposit for level-up, which you have previously brought the resulted user, you will get 5%. That is, if the resulted user you brought will refill his account with 1000 rubles, you get 300 rubles, and if you are the resulted lead by another user, who also refills his account with 1000 rubles, you will get another 50 rubles. Total 350 rubles from only one refill, from only one chain. Referral system is valid indefinitely. The affiliate program with reinforcement deployed statistics is here.
We are interested in good conversion on the websites of our customers, so we have prepared a range of default widgets for various marketing purposes. We can also help customize your widget individually.
On the page `Log in`, then click on `Forgot your password`, enter your email and follow the instructions. If you can’t recover your password, email us at the contact information listed on the site.
You can contact us via the contact information listed at the bottom of the website, or contact your account manager in private chat.
We support our customers in the normal mode from 9 to 18:00 Moscow time. For urgent tickets we answer/ respond at night and weekends.
Your personal manager can provide you with technical support for the installation of the widget on the site, including using means of remote assistant.
To turn off e-mail notifications, please contact your account manager.
Immediately contact your account manager. It is mandatory not to remove the widget code in order for our technicians to identify the problem.
We always welcome your new ideas and suggestions, we are interested in your feedback – it is improving the quality of our service. You can express your wishes to your personal manager.
Most likely you have not saved changes to the settings of the widget. Try again and press `Save`.


You can also see a demonstration of the widget with the changes made ​​by pressing the `demonstration.`

If you did everything correctly, but the widget is displayed in the old way, refresh the cache of your page by pressing Ctrl + F5. If in this case the widget is not updated, contact your manager.
Lead – a request containing relevant information from the client and his contact details.

Leads are the result of the interaction of the widget to your site visitors. Venew technology transforms your site traffic to the application of your potential customers.
Ask your personal manager.
By registering, you will automatically subscribe to our newsletter, which will be coming to the specified email box. You can subscribe to our group `Vkontakte`, `Facebook`, follow our news on popular forums, as well as on our blog.
No, but if you encounter a problem, be sure to tell us to remove it.
Widget’s conversion is highly dependent on the quality of the traffic that you drive to the site, as well as on the content of the site and the correct settings widget. We can analyze your free website and make recommendations to increase the conversion.